05+ Tacoma parts

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    49BACB26-E594-451F-8796-A80522CC806F.jpeg 65F29A09-3175-4581-A280-D634C462A8F7.jpeg 922ECCB4-A1D3-475D-938F-E7255937E34A.jpeg CA2E2D5B-5ED6-446B-9060-A823CD7BE648.jpeg 9367B605-23CE-4735-ACCE-08EE305148A1.jpeg I found a stash of Tacoma parts while cleaning out the garage. Let me know if anyone is interested

    Crown brake lines, cabin air filter, 6 new spark plugs, OEM headlight bulbs, stock front TRD coil overs, 2 sets of floor mats black and grey, Warn winch cable, Balistic battery box for an Optima, front 8” clamshell diff ( good to rebuild or use as a core.

    Make me an offer. I’ll give most of it away except for the diff

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