2 week trip ideas???

Discussion in 'Offroading' started by tex, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    I am going to be in Colorado for a wedding in June of 2020. I am on track to be able to take 2 weeks off after and trying to decide where to go and explore.
    I will be starting in Denver on a Friday. Would like to camp and fish the majority of the time. Share your thoughts on what you would see or where you would go. And of course if someone wants to meet up for some or part I am good with that.

    Idea 1: Make my way from Denver to the other side of the state near Ouray by way of back roads and passes. Then head home from there.

    Idea 2: Go to Moab and wheel/camp. Stop in Ouray area on the way home.

    Idea 3: Go up to Mount Rushmore, head west to Jackson Hole, down to Zion and Grand Staircase Escalante, North Rim of the grand canyon and head home from there.
  2. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Nignog

    1. How the fuck can you get two weeks off in a row?
    2. Where do you work?
    3. Are they hiring?
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  3. Anathollo

    Anathollo Armorall is my choice of lube Staff Member

    Moab will be too hot to have fun. That's when we went and we lasted two days before GTFO and hauling ass to Colorado. The heat takes a toll on yourself and your rig.

    I would cruise around the trails that are open and do some fishing.
  4. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    I'm Actually taking off 2 weeks and 3 days. This plan would only work if I can not take off the rest of the year and roll some days into next year.
  5. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Nignog

    I got a 160 days of vacation, I just don’t have the “time” to ever use it lol
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  6. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    Good to know about Moab. That's also a place I want to go with other people.
  7. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    I understand that. I didn't have the "time" at my last company so I know what you mean.
    Also I think I saw one of your buses on the back of a truck up here on 20 last week.
  8. MatthewMay1

    MatthewMay1 amateur professional

    I'll let you know at the end of the month. I leave for my trip in 8 days
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  9. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Nignog

    Not one of mine if it was on a truck. They drove them over on 20 from Alabama
  10. Taco Loco

    Taco Loco Tired and Lazy, married to ‘The Laundry Fairy’

    Spend more time in the back CO country and camp, less traveling to those further areas.

    I highly recommend a white water rafting trip in the Arkansas River/Royal Gorge near Cañon City, CO. We used this outfitter, medium size raft company, family owned with excellent staff and I think they do guided fish trips as well.
    Google Maps Journey Quest - Royal Gorge Office
    559 County Rd 3A Unit #B, Cañon City, CO 81212 (719) 276-2227

    From our trip last month, one of the 3 weeks we spent in CO was is this area; beautiful area and lots of fishing options,
    Google Maps Eleven Mile Canyon Recreation Area
    Co Rd 96, Florissant, CO 80816
    Google Maps Eleven Mile State Park
    4229 Co Rd 92, Lake George, CO 80827
    (719) 748-3401
    This picture is at the top of Blue Mountain in that area, Pikes Peak is the background.

    I’m working on an itinerary for a 9 week+ trip:rolleyes:.
  11. bakerla

    bakerla Man, Myth, Legend

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  12. Taco Loco

    Taco Loco Tired and Lazy, married to ‘The Laundry Fairy’

  13. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    HOLY SHIT!!! 160 days!! Fuck man! GO.
  14. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    I think I have 1
    I think I have 130ish and get more after i get my seniority back in 18 more months
  15. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter You ever try to roughie a bear? Staff Member

    130 days or hours? Days would be crazy.
  16. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

  17. balakay

    balakay She ain't fat, bruh... She just a lil' thick.

    I miss my old schedule before I went straight days. I could use 48 hours of vacation and be off for 15 days. Those were the days. Trying as hard as I can to get back on that schedule.
  18. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Nignog

    160 hours, not days :facepalm:
  19. Anathollo

    Anathollo Armorall is my choice of lube Staff Member

    You gotta start making time to use those days. It's not healthy to go that long without an extended vacation.
  20. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Nignog

    I try. Once my boss retires it will be much easier to get out of here

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