2001 4Runner build/fix log

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  1. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing 10mm socket. Staff Member

    Finally have some armor to install so I figured I will start a build thread. I purchased a 2001 4Runner that came with a ToyTec lift and supercharger already. Now I just have to get the maintenance caught up and some armor/gears in it for the trails.

    As it sits currently...


    Current setup:

    Motor and Trans:
    3.4 V6 w/ supercharger
    Airaid Intake tube for ISR mod
    Automatic transmission w/ B&M 70266
    Transgo Shift Kit at truck setting

    Wheels and Suspension:
    265/75-16 Hankook DynaPro AT-M
    16" TRD beadlocks in black
    ToyTec 3" Ultimate lift (set at 2.5" currently)
    Camburg UCAs with uniballs
    Rokmen rear trailing arms


    Traction control disable switch (aka Andy Mod)
    Toyota e-locker with 4.30 gears
    Low Range OffRoad elocker harness for locker control
    Front/ Rear diff breather relocated higher up body

    Lotus Rear Control Arm Mount Skids
    Schrockworks sliders
    RCI Aluminum skid


    18w LED flood light pods for backup lights mounted into rear bumper
    25" LED light bar mounted flush into grill

    Other accessories and stuff:

    Rack built March 2017
    CVT Mt Shasta Extended w/ Annex
    Midland CB mounted in dash (old ash tray spot)

    General stats when I bought it home :

    3.4 V6 w/ supercharger
    Automatic transmission w/ Hayden cooler
    265x75-16 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2
    16" rims off a Landcruiser LX450


    Big Bend Ranch State Park - Dec 2015

    Highwater Trail in Arkansas - Oct 2017

    Big Bend Ranch State Park - Dec 2017

    Plus other smaller weekend trips mixed in.

    Build Updated 1/7/2018

    Added TRD Supercharger install manual for reference

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  2. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing 10mm socket. Staff Member

    The first full weekend I had the 4Runner I swapped out the Hayden trans cooler for a B&M 70268 cooler. I also relocated it up above the bumper behind the grill for better air flow. After a couple weeks of driving around with this setup I ordered a thermostat to bypass the radiator and yet still maintain at least 160 degrees for proper trans functions. Also going to upgrade to a larger B&M cooler at this time - the 70266 which is rated for cooling 7k more BTU than the 70268. Also picked up a new radiator to replace the current radiator when I get a chance.

    Trans thermostat installed_zpsbyxtsxub.png

    Received Lotus Rear Control Arm Mount Skids today. Hitting them with a few coats of paint before I mount them. I am going off of Sam's good advice to protect the rear control arms before I beat them up. Will update with some pics soon as I get them mounted.
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  3. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

    Great start

    It's been awhile since anyone started a new build thread :)
  4. SamSter0077

    SamSter0077 Frack me..

    Sweet! Elock in rear?
  5. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing 10mm socket. Staff Member

    Yeah; hopefully this one gets a little further down the line than my last one. Tomorrow the brown truck should be delivering more boxes for maintenance and "repairs" this weekend. I need to replace the rear bearings on the S/C and "repair" the intake tube with an AirRaid tube.

    Maybe; still seeing what is available and budgeted for when I get there.

    *no rear locker at this time but it is quickly moving up the list.
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  6. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing 10mm socket. Staff Member

    Today's new battery was expected - just not this soon. While the old battery was charging up enough for me to start the 4Runner I went ahead and installed the AirRaid intake tube. I was skeptical but won over by the actual dyno results and places where the guys with superchargers were posting positive reviews of good low end power off idle. I will agree; the 4Runner moves off idle real easy now.

    First - AirRaid installed. It really is about a 10 minute install if you read the directions.


    Second - finally had enough time for the Lotus LCAMS to dry properly. Here is a before/after pic. They really are a stout piece of hardware. Thanks for pointing me towards these, Sam.

    Lotus LCAMS_zpsb3kfy5ek.jpg

    Third and final - making use of the "tool box" area. Probably going to pick up a few more things to store in there; but for now this is it. I keep the jumper cables with the factory jack (not sure why I keep the factory jack on the 4Runner; it has no chance of working now).


    Slowly but surely I will bring this thing along. Next up on the list is to replace the battery cables; these are grungy and getting brittle. Plus the previous owner used a red cable for the ground cable to the fender. :facepalm:
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  7. SamSter0077

    SamSter0077 Frack me..

    you should probably run some good 14guage or better cables to the back (to power you future ARB beer fridge) while you are replacing crummy wiring..

    and remove those damn running boards! :p
  8. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing 10mm socket. Staff Member

    The ARB fridge is tempting - so I have cold water while I am driving from office to office during the day. As for the running boards - their days are numbered. Hopefully Christmas will be good to me.
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  9. Silverback

    Silverback Known to eat paint chips

    Looking good man. Its getting there. If you do get an ARB fridge, and I highly recommend one, add a dedicated plug in the back with the ARB fridge plug portion hardwired into the vehicle, not using a 12v outlet. The ARB 12v outlet plugs SUCK! I've broken 2 of them. Fragile things. I just cut the plug end off and hard wired it to a fuse block. I actually have a weatherpack connector under the seat so technically I can pull the cord and move to another vehicle if it had the same weatherpack plug. But the fridge has been in the backseat of the Taco running 24/7 since Memorial day. Its great at work because I can keep beverages cold as well as lunch (obviously) but I can also run out to the grocery store at lunch and pick up steaks for dinner or whatever and then just throw it in the fridge.

    I see that red 4ga wire going to the firewall... yeah PO was an idiot.

    As for a jack, go pickup a 6-8 ton bottle jack from Northern Tool. I have one and the damn thing fits in the factory position and it goes up to like 18" or something.

  10. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing 10mm socket. Staff Member

    Thanks for the tips on the ARB and jack.

    I have been reading on how to use a Firestik antenna for both CB and AM/FM use. I would like to mount it in the factory antenna position. Any experience or thoughts? Yes - Firestik does make a 2-into-1 adapter to run both devices over the same antenna. They express that the user must use a high quality antenna and that tuning the CB without the splitter first is important. I want to install a small CB where the ash tray is at so as to have it there full time. Less gear to haul in/out for trail purposes.

    Current plan is to get the splitter, run the cable to the mount, then have a Firestik HD spring for some flex, and then a 2' Firestik antenna for DD use. I will decide after use if I want to pick up a 4' Firestick to tune for expo use where better range might be an advantage. So - anyone done or seen this setup before?
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  11. Silverback

    Silverback Known to eat paint chips

    Never seen it done but I would use a Firefly... its a flexible Firestik.
  12. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing 10mm socket. Staff Member

    Would that remove the need for the spring? Then I would be able to just use a quick detach base for when I want to take it through the car wash (all three times a year).
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  13. Silverback

    Silverback Known to eat paint chips

    Yep. Its what I have on the Taco. Flexes as I come through the garage door.
  14. TacoXpo

    TacoXpo TLA

  15. Silverback

    Silverback Known to eat paint chips

  16. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing 10mm socket. Staff Member

    Maybe later; need to get more Miracle Whip first.
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  17. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing 10mm socket. Staff Member

    At 199k miles the supercharger got it's first rebuild. I had it on the bench pretty easy; but quickly realized the bearings were not going to cooperate with my lack of a press and bearing puller. I took the case to a local performance shop and let them deal with it. They spent most of the afternoon and some time in the morning getting the old bearings out and the new ones in. I will give them credit that they handled it like any of their other performance vehicles. The owner used a lathe to machine a punch that would hold the bearing straight and seat it perfectly.

    I cleaned up the parts that move, lubed the parts that touch, and removed the extra material from the intake manifold gasket to allow for the proper amount of air flow. A couple pics from the event - not looking forward to doing it again in 100k.


    Stock intake gasket before the dremel tool compared to the actual intake port.


    And how they matched up after the dremel tool adjustment.


    Looks like I will not be wrenching next weekend. I'll enjoy the break. Also made the first payment today. lol
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  18. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

  19. tex

    tex Keeper of the 10mm sockets

    Nice start!
  20. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing 10mm socket. Staff Member

    Originally I was planning to mount a CB antenna in the stock radio antenna location; but research that found reports of splitting/busting fenders due to the increased weight/wind resistance has changed that plan. I am thinking now I will get the CBI ditch light brackets and mount the passenger side bracket for the CB antenna for now. Then when I get the front bumper I will move it down to the bumper. After I move the antenna I may or may not use the brackets for ditch lights - will decide at that time. If I add a second antenna on the back of the 4R will depend on if the front one is not getting the coverage I am looking for.

    The original plan of using the one antenna for the radio and CB is still a solid plan as long as I use a quality splitter and CB antenna. That part of the plan has not changed and I am hoping to have it working before Big Bend.
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