2011 Tundra - High Clearance Rear Bumper Build

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    I had a customer approach me about building him a rear bumper for his Tundra. He had a few IG pictures of bumpers he liked which gave me a starting point. The main tube is 6x2x3/16 rectangular tube and the recovery points are 3/4" thick.

    The new bumper will gain him about 10" of ground clearance. The low hanging factory tow hitch is going away as well.
    2018-09-09 18.48.28.jpg

    2018-09-10 20.50.52.jpg

    2018-09-10 20.52.00.jpg

    2018-09-11 15.00.46.jpg

    2018-09-11 11.40.32.jpg

    2018-09-11 18.11.36.jpg

    2018-09-11 19.52.01.jpg

    2018-09-11 20.46.16.jpg

    2018-09-11 20.46.30.jpg

    2018-09-11 18.11.20.jpg
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    Drawing and cutting the fill plates on the plasma sure makes for a clean job. I'm not a fan of feathering welds, but in this case it was necessary.

    2018-09-26 11.34.10.jpg 2018-09-26 11.55.04.jpg 2018-09-26 13.49.11.jpg 2018-09-26 14.12.37.jpg 2018-09-26 13.49.17.jpg 2018-09-26 14.12.45.jpg
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    Next up was the hidden hitch. Everything is behind the main tube, including the safety chain holes and power plug.

    2018-09-26 17.40.22.jpg 2018-09-26 18.17.53.jpg 2018-09-26 18.22.29.jpg 2018-09-26 18.22.37.jpg 2018-09-26 18.22.44.jpg
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    Time to get started on the wings for the high clearance part of the build. They're also the same 6x2 rectangular tube.

    2018-09-26 18.24.46.jpg 2018-09-26 19.30.38.jpg 2018-09-26 19.30.46.jpg
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    The flush mount baja designs lights are meant to be through bolted to whatever they're attached too. In this case that isn't possible, so I had to drill and tap the holes for the lights.

    I had to do the same for the light up license plate bolts that my customer provided me.

    2018-09-27 14.22.12.jpg 2018-09-27 14.29.18.jpg 2018-09-27 14.29.25.jpg
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    She's nearly complete at this point. I have a few more small welds to make and then it's time for paint. Oh, and then I'll get started on the front bumper.

    I was going to add gussets on the wings, but the tubes running to the frame will be more than sufficient to keep the wings in place.

    2018-09-27 17.32.19.jpg 2018-09-27 17.37.05 HDR.jpg
  8. Silverback

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    Nice work!
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  9. tx_shooter

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    Good looking work. This is perfect timing to see you use this material for this. I was thinking about using heavy tube like this on my trail rig.
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  10. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, go fuck off

    Question... do you build out the frame mounts in CAD and then have them cut on a waterjet or??
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  11. Anathollo

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    He said plasma in the first or second post. Plasma cutting is always cheaper than waterjet.
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    The rear bumper on my Taco is 5x2x1/4, and it's taken plenty of abuse. I see no reason to not use it, other than the trend of having all kinds of press braked bends in your bumper.

    After figuring out the dimensions using the foamcore I drew the plates up in cad and had them plasma cut. The cost to have them waterjetted would have been way too much.
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  13. tx_shooter

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    Question - on the hitch bolt hole; why the horizontal and vertical holes? Master plan or welded it in wrong after pre-drilling it?

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    Shh..... the first set of drilled holes ended up off center of each other. It's not a huge deal, but I didn't see a good reason to waste that piece of tube.
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  15. Silverback

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    Pff. reading.


    I missed that. Derp!!
  16. Large

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    Nice work
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  17. Oswego

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    My current bumper is 6 x 6 or 4 x 6 tube and on Rich's old taco he had the same. Using tube makes things so much easier. Just need to think outside the box during designing.

    Looks good. K.I.S.S. designs can't be beaten.
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  18. achirdo

    achirdo 2WD FTW

    I have a ton of 6x4x1/8 and some 6x4x3/8 if someone wants a piece for a bumper or two
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  19. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter Looking for my missing spare time Staff Member

    Yeah... go ahead just assume I am down for some. Will shoot you a text.
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    SMKYTXN Vendor Vendor

    That's a bit larger than I usually use, but I'll keep that in mind.

    I had to source 3.5x2.5 x 3/16 today to fit inside the the frame horns on the Tundra. That stuff isn't cheap.

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