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Discussion in '4Runner Offroad Builds' started by bakerla, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. bakerla

    bakerla Man, Myth, Legend

    Wife’s 2014 4Runner Trail. Mainly our family adventure vehicle.

    This 'build' will be used to document the 4Runners modifications, maintenance / service and trips.

    Budbuilt front, mid and trans skids - painted and ready to install
    Shrockworks sliders


    Cooper Discoverer AT3 265/70/17

    Engine / Driveline
    Stock gearing
    Engine: Mobil 1 5w30 w/ OEM oil filter
    Front diff: Lucas Oil 80w90
    Transfer case: Lucas Oil 80w90
    Rear diff: Lucas Oil 80w90

    Husky Liners floor mats
    LED lighting

    Frontrunner Slimline roof rack
    Frontrunner awning
    NoLoss valve caps


    Maintenance / Service
    • 15k service on 02/22/2015 at 15,069 miles
    • 25k service on 09/12/2015 at 25,231 miles
    • 35k service on 06/13/2016 at 36,060 miles
    • 45k service on 3/11/2017 at 46,187 miles
    • 55k service on ?? at ?? miles
    • Drain and fill front and rear diff, transfer cases oils on 01/07/2018 at 59,956 miles
    • 65k service on 5/21/2018 at 64,899 miles
    • 75k service on 12/23/2018 at 75,014 miles
    • Front and rear brakes on 04/21/2019 at 78,200 miles
    • 85k service on 08/21/2019 at 85,120 miles

    Favorite beach, San Luis Pass

    Mineral Creek Trail in Colorado

    Imogene Pass, Colorado

    Gore Canyon
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  2. bakerla

    bakerla Man, Myth, Legend

    Almost didn't want to paint these, the steel looks so nice. They're painted and ready to install on the next oil change. Went with a 3 piece "overland protection", lite steel (1/8") for the trans and mid skids. Front is the regular thickness of 3/16". I'm not happy with the RCI aluminum ones. I'll post some comparison pics once these are our on.

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  3. Silverback

    Silverback Fuck Joe!

    Who makes those? Are the RCI on the Taco?
  4. Taco Loco

    Taco Loco Tired and Lazy, married to ‘The Laundry Fairy’

    Looks like you read the list above, with all those questions.
  5. bakerla

    bakerla Man, Myth, Legend

    These are Budbuilt. Use a gift cert from Jambo. RCI aluminum is on the 4R, but not for long. They couldn't even handle small hits.
  6. Silverback

    Silverback Fuck Joe!

    I thought I remembered you bought the aluminum ones for the 4R. Can't go wrong with BB.
  7. Large

    Large Well-Known Member

    Looks good Lyndall
  8. bakerla

    bakerla Man, Myth, Legend

    Haven't posted here in a bit. Getting ready for another Summer trip to Colorado. New suspension ordered.
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  9. Silverback

    Silverback Fuck Joe!

    Well.. don't leave us hanging.. use more words. :) What suspension did you order?
  10. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter You ever try to roughie a bear? Staff Member

    Looking forward to the comparison review of the new 1/8" skids that replaced the aluminum ones.
  11. bakerla

    bakerla Man, Myth, Legend

    Not much to report on the suspension, pretty standard lift per my reading. Bilstein 6112 front (1.6"), Wheelers rear coils (1.5"), Bilstein 5160 rear, Wheelers superbumps front and back. Hoping to not need UCAs.

    Those steel skid plates already look better. Little disappointed on the install. One of the holes up front didn't line up proper. Wasn't terrible to remedy, but still. The Budbuilt plates provide much better protection to the front LCA cam bolts than the RCI ones did. Haven't yet had to change the oil with these plates, but that's coming up next month I project.
  12. CowboyTaco

    CowboyTaco Well-Known Member

    Reminds me how much I miss our '14 TEP
  13. Oswego

    Oswego n00b

    Can't go wrong w/the superbumps over OE. Big difference if you go in too hot from time to time. Good luck on the alignment #'s

    I don't know anyone who's been able to just bolt up good skids, but I'd be sure to give them constructive feedback. For some reason a bolt hole missing or being off is always part of the fun. If a company could get their stuff strait and efficient you'd think they could make a killing. I'd bet a marble countertop guy could 3d model the bolt points and figure out basic skids in a hr or two with his 3d maping tools. My skids from the og ATO were missing a hole in one and his cross-member was designed to be right where the exhaust flange was so it rattled. His "mock up" was on his custom exhausted Tac or so he said when I inquired on the design modifications I suggested after my install
  14. Large

    Large Well-Known Member

    did you need rear brakes at 78k? Or just swap them out when you did the fronts
  15. bakerla

    bakerla Man, Myth, Legend

    If I remember right, they weren't as bad as the fronts but still needing to be replaced.
  16. bakerla

    bakerla Man, Myth, Legend

    Finished up the lift this morning. 1.6" up front 1" in rear. Rides a lot better. I never liked the stock suspension, too soft and squishy feeling. Will get an alignment Monday and will be all set.

    Couple weeks ago I replaced both front driver and passenger door locks actuators. Should have done those awhile back. Pretty common issue with the 4Runners from what I've read.

  17. balakay

    balakay She ain't fat, bruh... She just a lil' thick.

    Yep, @tex just replaced one of his actuators not too long ago.

    4Runner is looking good!
  18. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    Yes to the actuators. I replaced both fronts about 2 months apart. Fairly easy to do.
  19. bakerla

    bakerla Man, Myth, Legend

    Going to be looking for new tires soon. Appears Cooper doesn't make a C rated AT3 in 275/75/17 anymore. Just an E rated.
  20. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    I wanted to like that size but limited offerings and most or all weight about the same as a 285/75/17 I went with the bigger size. Also now it's a stock size for the Jeep Gladiator rubicon there are a good amount of offerings in C load range.

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