Black 84 "No Name"

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  1. fsbrain03

    fsbrain03 Well-Known Member

    As most of you know, I recently purchased an 84 Extended cab Yota 4x4.

    What came with it:
    -Marlin Crawler 5" Suspension System
    -Greasable shackles front and rear
    -U-bolt flip kit front and rear
    -5125 Billsteins front and rear
    -shock hoops
    -extended stainless brake lines
    -Marlin Crawler High-Steer
    -Hydro assist
    -5.29 gears Front and Back
    -Spooled Rear
    -Detroit in the front
    -power steering conversion
    -reinforced frame around steering box
    -PROPANE conversion from GotPropane
    -4.7 marlin t-case
    -new clutch From Marlin 1600 Ibs
    -Marlin Front Sting Bumper
    -37" Km2’s 1500 miles on them
    -17’’ Xd Hoss Wheels
    -Longfield 30 spline chromoloys
    -Axle Armor Front And Rear
    - 22r Engine
    -5-Point RCI Harnesses
    -Custom Dash/ Gauges
    -LC Engineering Header
    -Trail-Gear tube doors
    -DVD Head unit- sold
    -Speakers and Amp- pulled out

    Some minor things I'm planning on doing:

    -Add CB- done
    -Get the propane system working right- done
    -Reroute/chop exhaust (pointing right at the driver side rear shock body)
    -Get rid of DVD head unit, amp, and subwoofer - sold
    -Add a more weather friendly stereo
    -Internal Roll Cage
    -Weld up sliders
    -Weld on Front bumper- done
    -Add rear bumper
    -Add front winch- done
    -Add rock lights, and spot lights up front- done
    -Get 2nd battery
    -Sell fancy wheels and tires
    -Buy more agressive tires on beadlocks
    - and so on...

    A couple of shots as is:

    Toyota extended cab crawler  1.jpg

    Toyota extended cab crawler 2.jpg

    Toyota extended cab crawler 3.jpg

    Toyota extended cab crawler 4.jpg
    Toyota extended cab crawler 5.jpg

    Toyota extended cab crawler 6.jpg
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  2. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

  3. MCTacodriver

    MCTacodriver Diarrhea: A natural lubricant

    Mmmmhm, propane...some day I will join you there. Great looking truck!
  4. SamSter0077

    SamSter0077 Frack me..

    Great looking truck.
  5. Boomtacoma01

    Boomtacoma01 Unmotivated and Lazy

    Very nice indeed. I still want those tube doors
  6. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, go fuck off

    Great looking rig Brian! You're gonna love it I'm sure!
  7. yotarob

    yotarob Kiss My IFS

    Definatly an awesome rig!
  8. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Fuck Off!

    Nice man, I can tell that getting air fed into that propane system aint your problem with that K&N mounted right to the throttle body. I still say rotate or kict the line end of the tanks up at an angle.
  9. fsbrain03

    fsbrain03 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I am excited to get it out, and see what it can do. Soon hopefully.

    I'll keep you all updated.
  10. Anathollo

    Anathollo Armorall is my choice of lube Staff Member

    Badass rig! Can't wait to see it out on the trails
  11. SecretSquirrel

    SecretSquirrel Whale Oil Beef Hooked Staff Member

    Why don't you call it "Murdered Out Taco"?

  12. fsbrain03

    fsbrain03 Well-Known Member

    Yes, thats an idea...
  13. garzanium

    garzanium Well-Known Member

    Bad ass! What do you have in mind for new tires?

  14. DemonSpeedn

    DemonSpeedn You talking to me?

    I likes wish I had the dough to buy it at the time, nice buy
  15. thekidcatcher

    thekidcatcher Well-Known Member

    Saw it in person last night. It was dark out but it looked sweet!
  16. fsbrain03

    fsbrain03 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jason
  17. thekidcatcher

    thekidcatcher Well-Known Member

    you betcha man!
  18. blackwatertaco

    blackwatertaco Laying Pipe all day long.

  19. fsbrain03

    fsbrain03 Well-Known Member

    I cleaned out a bunch of wiring that wasn't needed. Left over from old lighting and who knows what.

    old wiring nest 1.jpg

    And removed all of this
    old stuff 2.jpg
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  20. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

    Hopefully that keeps the battery from draining itself and gets rid of the burning smell

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