DIY LCA Ball Joint Replacement 2005+ Tacoma

Discussion in 'Mechanical' started by Oswego, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. AlienXtx

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  2. Lrgrnr

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  3. Oswego

    Oswego n00b

    I am Yoda...............:SPY:
  4. SecretSquirrel

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    Is it back together yet?
  5. Oswego

    Oswego n00b

    Never touched it all weekend. I was in a drunken stupor and when I wasn't I was down the marina....dam hurricanes.
  6. AlienXtx

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  7. CowboyTaco

    CowboyTaco Well-Known Member

    So a bit of a thread revival (just over 7 years later...)

    Can the pics in the OP be fixed? I'm about to do this on Saturday and would prefer to see everything and mentally walk through it first.

    (@tx_shooter )
  8. Oswego

    Oswego n00b

    it may be fixed on TW.?. Doubtful that any mods can fix it. I think it was linked to TW and TW got all messed up or my Photobucket account was messed up or something like that. Feel free to PM me on any of it.
  9. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter You ever try to roughie a bear? Staff Member

    Will look into it tonight
  10. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter You ever try to roughie a bear? Staff Member

    Same problem - original pics have been moved on Photobucket and are messed up now. Maybe we can get them rehosted directly into the thread.
  11. Oswego

    Oswego n00b

    if I can find time I should be able to fix it on my own. All about finding the free time though.

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