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    Anyone interested in driving through some abandoned train tunnels in Tennessee?

    Tunnels 24 (a.k.a. Nemo Tunnel) and 23 (Nemo Sister Tunnel) in Morgan County, TN. The tracks were apparently pulled up in (or around) 1949. The tunnel was not large enough for modern rail cars, so another tunnel was constructed to be much larger and is still in use. Today, the Nemo tunnels sit empty and often collect water at the entrance, but not all the way through.




    Here's a link to some guys from TX who drove over the NC and did the Nemo tunnel along the way. Roadtrip from Texas to North Carolina 2018 (Nemo Tunnel, Hurricane Creek Trail)

    There is also an abandoned prison that is not far that allows self guided tours. I've read that somewhere in the nearby forest is a mansion that was owned by 2 gay dudes back in the early 1900s that is said to be haunted as they were murdered there by some townsfolk who did not approve of their lifestyle.

    Plenty of other things that can be done in the area to make the drive more worth it. I posed the same question in one of the GA threads on TW and got a lot of interest. I'm thinking about planning a trip for sometime in the spring as it is about a 5 hour drive from where I'm at and I'll need to arrange childcare.
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    That looks cool as hell.
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    Craig (the guy who makes Tacoma grills) has done similar and I bet he has a ton of into on it. He was all over tunnels and covered bridges. Kinda his thing to go explore them. He's active on TW and just about any forum slinging grillz. Think his screen name was Homertaco or something like that. Send him a PM and tell him I referred you and I bet he sends you some info. He's local to me and we used to speak daily, but with life he's gotten busy and so have I so it's been a while.
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    Get your truck running and both of you come down.
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    My schedule is a little busy for a trip like that until next year in late summer or early fall.
    Labor Day weekend?
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    That could work. I was aiming for early spring.
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    Any other route or trail info? If the date works I am game.
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    Lat/ Long - 36.06844625078883,-84.65988080302935

    Couple of links with info:

    Nemo Bridge Trail

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