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    Patrick has tasked me with building his Samurai. She wheeled pretty well as she sat, but 9.5” axles and links can’t hurt. I’ll be taking her to the roller stage and then handing her off to Patrick to finish up.

    Here’s the breakdown:

    Some year Suzuki Samurai
    Dual triangulated 4 link front and rear
    Custom subframe
    Flat belly
    New front tube clip
    New frame from the firewall forward and the tub back
    Fabricated 9.5” front
    FZJ80 full float rear
    Two piece front driveshaft

    Here’s how she looked when dropped off. She’s gonna look a fair bit different when I’m done with her.

    I stripped the rear axle in preparation for a full truss. Man that axle had a bunch of crap on it, and the factory welds look like crap.

    The front clip is going away, but the hood will be staying. It sure was nice to have the entire front clip unbolt in one piece.

    I tore all of the brake and fuel lines out as a fuel cell and all new lines will be added.

    The lift sure does help. This is the first rig that’s had both axles removed by the lift in one smooth motion.

    73DFAA2B-18D1-4674-BFE0-45D33A762603.jpeg 0EF35A3B-124B-46B0-8E62-9AA9E3D3FF77.jpeg A706102F-6156-41F7-9FF5-CEA046E0F31F.jpeg 52CDD964-5A2C-4B61-9546-5BE9D4EB157E.jpeg 82DBA416-E779-46EA-B773-654FC8061A1A.jpeg 7E531F17-535E-4488-B881-04B8203B57C6.jpeg 38DA5487-1258-4F26-AA3F-5FDC4CF2755F.jpeg 3D899FC8-CB6B-463A-B041-9F661AED9223.jpeg D18E289C-2CB9-4294-ACDD-AD5BB6F0F190.jpeg
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    I have a plan for the sub frame that required removing every bracket and clip. She’s all shiny now, well at least the frame is.

    The new wheelbase will be 102”, which is just a bit longer than the stock 79”. Both departure and approach angles should be 0 degrees, with just a bit of tire sticking past the front and rear.

    I’ve taken my measurements and started the cad file for the subframe. I’ll be working on that over the holiday when I take a break from doing nothing. :)

    C7865137-FDE4-45F5-B5DE-13A50AE6B456.jpeg FDDCF865-3E78-401E-98A7-18A4D3AE46DC.jpeg 664E1F08-62AD-4938-ADB1-B72F6DFCF13E.jpeg 4B566C81-2ABA-43DF-B5AA-6EF19D85F81B.jpeg 7B9A6ADA-E54D-4D0F-A2BA-D394D25B6864.jpeg DCB5165A-5346-4C88-8125-52A475874213.jpeg
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  3. tx_shooter

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    Looking forward to watching this build. I joked with my sammich maker that if I take my trail 4Runner to ton axles I would buy a Samurai to put the Toyota axles under. She liked the idea of having her own rig.
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  4. Silverback

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    I almost did the Sami thing many moons ago. Thought they are cool... still do. I think it was the Ultimate Adventure DVD's where the old dude with the beat to fuck Sami went everywhere everyone else did and then some that made me want one. Could fit under overhangs and rock outcroppings.
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  5. Anathollo

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    I think that Sammy makes it out to every ultimate adventure still IIRC
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  6. Silverback

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    Yes.. that guy.
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    I designed a custom subframe/flat belly for the Sami. With the lower links and carrier bearing being attached to the belly it'll be a job to get it out, but the belly will come out if needed. I'm on revision one of the design as the 3/16 main wings were a bit thin in my opinion. The 3/8" should do the job though. :D

    Photo Dec 27, 2 49 08 PM.png Photo Dec 29, 1 38 27 PM.jpg Photo Jan 05, 6 02 30 PM.jpg Photo Jan 05, 7 33 00 PM.jpg
    Putting the puzzle together turned into more of a challenge than I expected, but once I figured out the correct order of operations I got her tacked in place.

    Photo Jan 05, 12 43 12 PM.jpg Photo Jan 05, 12 43 29 PM.jpg
    Here's a detail shot of the belly connection.

    Photo Jan 06, 2 00 07 PM.jpg

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    Now that the subframe is tacked in it's time to move her to the frame table and get to work on the axles and frame. I built a nice little table on top of the frame table to hold the belly. Funny enough the Sami balanced nicely on the table.

    I wanted her up high so I had worm to work. Hopefully that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.

    Photo Jan 06, 4 28 34 PM.jpg Photo Jan 06, 5 07 39 PM.jpg Photo Jan 06, 5 07 29 PM.jpg
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  9. tx_shooter

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    Pretty sure the subframe will outlast the original frame. Looks pretty solid.
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    Ok, so it's time to start putting the axles under this thing. It was clear from the start that the frame was going to have to move up if I was going to achieve negative lower links at bump. I couldn't adjust the frame until the axle was prepped, so it was time to build the truss. Of course no one makes a full width truss for the 80 series axle, so I had to design one myself. Here's the result.

    Photo Jan 08, 9 12 37 PM.jpg Photo Jan 09, 6 06 18 PM.jpg Photo Jan 11, 1 03 33 PM.jpg Photo Jan 11, 1 03 43 PM (1).jpg
    I'll be tweaking the drawing a bit and will then add these trusses to the lineup.

    Say goodbye to the rear floor and frame!

    Photo Jan 11, 5 18 16 PM.jpg Photo Jan 11, 5 52 14 PM.jpg Photo Jan 11, 5 52 25 PM.jpg Photo Jan 11, 7 27 44 PM.jpg

    I started on the new rear frame tonight and will get it knocked out tomorrow. The Sami frame flares out towards the back so the new frame comes back straight which gives more room for the axle at bump. The frame will have a cnotch as well.

    Photo Jan 11, 9 56 48 PM.jpg Photo Jan 11, 9 57 03 PM.jpg Photo Jan 11, 9 56 53 PM.jpg
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  11. TacoXpo

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    Ummm I was thinking it will outlast mankind's existence. Cockroaches are going to be saying, "I think I may get a Sammy to put on this subframe." :)
  12. tx_shooter

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    No joke. At this point I am surprised you are even using the original frame at all.
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    :rofl: The main plates are 3/8, but the rest is 3/16. Just slightly overkill.

    That wasn't brought up, but probably would have saved me a good amount of time in cutting brackets off.
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  15. bakerla

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    Where's the shop at your doing all this work? Don't need a 10 digit grid, just ballpark. I might want to stop by sometime.
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    East Bernard buddy. Feel free to stop by any time.
  17. Silverback

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    I think it has been said. But yeah a whole new frame would have been easier. Looks killer.
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    The motor looks to be the next hurdle towards getting the front axle in place. I'm trying not to push her too far forward as I'm already looking at 40" lowers. The radiator and fan are gone for now, but will be relocated later.

    Photo Jan 16, 1 26 22 PM.jpg Photo Jan 16, 1 36 26 PM.jpg
    The uppers are going to be a tight fit. The plan is to run some DOM sliders and mount the uppers to them outside the frame rail.

    Photo Jan 16, 1 58 42 PM.jpg
    And she's gonna be stuffed. We're looking at at least 5" of up travel in the front with horizontal lowers at ride height.

    Photo Jan 16, 2 27 34 PM.jpg
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    Bet I know of some rims that will look real good under this rig. I can make you a deal on them.

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    Those rims you speak of are going on this little guy.

    Photo Jan 14, 9 22 09 PM.jpg
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