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  1. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    Granted this vehicle is pretty much done, but I thought I would put it all in one place. There are still a few mods I plan for this truck. Most of them are centered on making it a better base camp vehicle.

    How it sits today


    Base: 2007 Tacoma double cab 4x4 with the TRD Offroad package.
    Suspension mods:
    Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir shocks front and rear
    16” Eibach 650# coils up front
    Total Chaos 1” Uniball UCA’s
    Total Chaos spindle gussets
    OME Dakar leafs
    OME D29XL extra leaf for Dakars
    AllPro U-bolt flip with provision for Timbrens
    Timbren bumpstops in rear
    Wheelers SuperBumps up front
    AllPro Axle relocation plate – modified to compensate for “Taco Lean”

    Wheels and Tires:
    285/70/17 BFG KM2 Mud Terrains
    17x9 KMC Enduro rims

    Bud Built skids – IFS, Transmission,T-case and Fuel tank
    AllPro e-Locker skid
    Sky OffRoad Diff armor
    Shrockworks sliders
    Total Chaos LCA skidplates

    Brute Force Fab front bumper
    Rocktec rear bumper

    Goodridge extended Stainless Steel brake lines F&R
    PowerStop Extreme conditions pads
    Powerstop vented, dimpled, and slotted rotors

    Classic Soft Touch leather
    Lotek a-pillar pod
    Autometer transmission temp and oil pressure gauges
    ScanGauge II
    Second factory fog light switch to control rock lights
    12VoltGuy In-Cab winch controller / dual battery controller
    Garmin Nuvi 1490 with 24000:1 Topo maps loaded in a RAM Mount
    Garmin Montana 650 with 24000:1 Topo maps loaded in a RAM mount
    Bracketron mount for iPhone
    LED Lenser P17 MagLight style flashlight on driver seat
    LED Lenser P5 in center console area
    12 volt outlet in center console
    Matching Cortura switches for ARB locker, Compress and LED rock lights
    Cobra WRST75 Handheld CB
    Kenwood TM-271 2M radio
    2.5lb fire extinguisher held by Gorilla Fists
    Weathertech’s F&R
    8 ton bottle jack in place of factory unit
    Adventure Medical Kits first aid kit w/ CPR mask and suture kit
    Cobra iRadar - Radar detector that integrates with iPhone
    ARB 47l fridge

    Kenwood Excelon KVT696 DVD headunit w/ Bluetooth module, backup camera, iPod interface and steering wheel controls/
    160Gb iPod Classic
    AudioControl DQX digital 30 band EQ, 3 way X-over
    AudioControl DDC Digital Dash Controller for DQX
    Alpine PDX 4.150 amplifier – runs mid-bass, and mids/highs.
    Alpine PDX 1.600 amplifier
    Q-Forms kick panels – highly modified and fiberglassed in
    Morell Tempo 5 5.25” components speakers
    Morell 8" woofers – mounted in doors as mid-bass
    Pioneer Premier 12” subs
    Supercrew sounds sub box – highly modified with lots of fiberglass and deadening. Covered in black vinyl.
    Dynamat Extreme – 3 layers on front doors and on the floor and back wall of cab

    Toyota OEM bedmat
    UWS 36” black aluminum chest
    LED lighting inside chest
    LED lighting in bed
    5 gallon fuel can and custom built carrier
    4 extra factory D-rings
    Utlili-Track tie down rails
    60” HiLift Extreme
    HiLift 4xRAC mounting brackets
    Firestick aluminum CB antenna mount – modified to fit in bedrails
    Firestick aluminum 2M antenna mount – modified to fit in bedrails
    2 bicycle fork clamps attached to top of UWS chest
    stainless cabinet locks on storage boxes
    Homemade tiregate style tire carrier complete with Toyota logos and a beer bottle opener.
    BuiltByMe bed cage w/ basket
    85 watt solar panel
    4x VisionX LED utility lights
    2x LED floods

    OBA setup:
    Oasis HP1000 air compressor
    Oasis 1 gallon tank
    Oasis adjustable pressure switch
    Kilby air manifold
    3/8th’s pressure regulator

    12 volt power:
    Diehard Platinum battery in OE location – equivalent to an Odyssey PC1750
    DieHard Platinum Marine battery in Summit Racing battery box – equivalent to an Odyssey PC1500DT
    PulseTech PowerPulse battery maintainer
    gold plated terminals
    Kicker terminal blocks and fuse holders
    BlueSeas fuse block
    Vector 2500 watt inverter with in-cab controller

    4.56 Nitro gears F&R
    ARB air locker up front
    RCV Ultimate Tacoma axles
    VisionX 35 watt LED fog lights
    TWF 30" LED light bar
    Modified crossover exhaust to clear skids
    Tom Woods CV driveshaft plus a spare Tom Woods CV driveshaft
    AMW PCV catch can
    ARB Safari Snorkel
    K&N air filter
    Relocated differential breathers
    Relocated solenoid box
    all airlines are 3/8th’s braided stainless lines
    All battery cables are 0 ga.
    color matched grill surround
    GrillCraft grill
    FJ60 TOYOTA emblem
    SockMonkey black and dark gray TRD decals
    LED backup lights under truck
    LED rock lights
    LED lit 4WD selector switch
    bumper mounted BBQ grill
    All body panels except roof have been repainted at least once

    Recovery gear:
    Warn M8000 winch - clocked the handle to be more accessible
    MasterPull Superline
    HiLift HandleAll
    HiLift Winch kit
    Slee Jack-Off-Tool
    Rescue 42 JackMate
    8 D-shackles
    2”x30’ ARB Recovery strap
    3”x30’ ARB Recovery strap
    3”x10’ ARB tree strap
    3”x16’ ARB tree strap
    3/8th’s x 20’ grade 70 recovery chain
    ARB snatch block
    Warn snatch block
    Full hand tool kit
    Air tools
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  2. Anathollo

    Anathollo Armorall is my choice of lube Staff Member

    lol this build is going to take awhile!
  3. DemonSpeedn

    DemonSpeedn You talking to me?

    I thought it was already done?
  4. thekidcatcher

    thekidcatcher Well-Known Member

    Are you gonna make a page for both rigs Sean or just clyde since he is now the offroad rig?
  5. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    I've got more I want to do to it. Probably 7 or 8 mods left... maybe a few more. Just because its not a dedicated trail rig doesn't mean its not capable or ready at the drop of a hat to do so. Future mods will be aimed at camping, performance, some expo mods and a few interior mods. But for the most part, yes its done.

    I'll do both. My other build thread on TW is so long and all the mods are scattered through it all.. I'll try to consolidate it in this one.
  6. thekidcatcher

    thekidcatcher Well-Known Member

    So a mall crawler and a trail rig thread. alright man, so is 12 a good time to show up at your place with a sledge? lol jk man. That is cool. I wanna clean up my build thread on here too but dont have the time yet.
  7. DemonSpeedn

    DemonSpeedn You talking to me?

    I don't even have a build thread yet
  8. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    I wouldn't call it a mall crawler, maybe retired trail rig or dedicated tow/camping/expo/backup trail rig. But mall crawler is not even close.
  9. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Nignog

    hell add alil Armorall and maybe some T-Rex eyelids...then go hit up Macy'
  10. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    I'll be sure to take plenty of pics. :)
  11. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Nignog

    make sure you post them in the mall crawler section..oh wate...we don't have
  12. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    I thought it was your build thread? :D
  13. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Nignog

    Naa I ripped off a finder flare and that's a mall crawl no
  14. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    Just need to be more careful where you park it at. LOL

    I've ripped all the flares off at one point or another. They are $$$$.
  15. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Nignog

    Yeah I'm thinking about trashing the factory ones and getting those bushwhacker pocket flares instead
  16. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    They are a LOT cheaper. IIRC the factory ones are about $250 each! Then they wanted another $250 to paint and install! Hell the little clips are about $4 - $6 each! At least with the BSP the bushwackers will match pretty close.
  17. taco4x4rar

    taco4x4rar Well-Known Member

    Really? at 200 a pop I should pull mine and sell them.
  18. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

  19. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Nignog

    Yeah at that price I'm deff going with bushwhacker IMO they look better anyway
  20. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    I'm not a fan of the fake screw holes on them. If they were functional I would like them more. I suppose a handful of sheetmetal screws could remedy that.

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