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Discussion in 'Mechanical' started by night_angel, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. night_angel

    night_angel Well-Known Member

    in the future, I want to put a Air Locker Diff. to my Tacoma 05 TRD Sport 4x4, which is correct, that I should choose?

    a ARB?which would be exactly..
    7300T-ARB-RD129 (ARB Tacoma Locker - Rear 8.4")
    7300-ARB-RD132 (Rear ARB Air Locker for FJC/05+ Tacoma (Non-Elocker Applications)


    There are other brands?
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  2. SamSter0077

    SamSter0077 Frack me..

    ARB is the only one I know, Drew has it in his rig..
  3. Lrgrnr

    Lrgrnr Well-Known Member

    You have the 8.4" rear end
  4. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

  5. yotarob

    yotarob Kiss My IFS

    ARB provides the best traction that money can buy.
  6. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

  7. TacoXpo


    East Coast Gear Supply - they make their own!

    Okay just kidding, but they do have Keebler elfs that assemble their diffs! It's a work release program. They got caught putting weedies in the elfing goodness!

  8. night_angel

    night_angel Well-Known Member

    thanks guys for the help.. I Add the ARB 7300T-ARB-RD129 on my wish list!!! :cool:
  9. TacoXpo


    You'll love it!
  10. night_angel

    night_angel Well-Known Member

    I Hope so... is much money for me...!!!
  11. yotarob

    yotarob Kiss My IFS

    I think it is alot of money for anyone.

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