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    Rock Rails highlights:
    My Relentless Rock Rails are made out of heavy duty 2" x.120" wall HREW tube, but DOM is available for ultimate strength at an materials additional fee. In order to make the HREW as strong as possible, all tube seams face the inside of the rails(inside of bends, etc). All sliders come ready to weld on and supplied with CNC water jet cut 3/16" thick 'L' shape frame mounting plates, and 3/16" thick leg top gussets. The outer rail of these sliders angles upward at 30* for increased clearance, looks and strength.
    Our sliders are trail tested and abused, and are very high quality to withstand years of your trail punishment.

    Standard version of all sliders are Hybrid round/square 2" tube style. For the ultimate in strength, 2"x3" style hybrids are available for an additional $30 to the listed prices, and an option for DOM can be added to any set for the additional materials cost(more info on DOM below).

    Regular cab and FJ sliders include 3 mounting legs per side, access cab and DCSB sliders come with 4 mounting legs per side, and DCLB's come with 5 mounting legs per side for unmatched strength!!

    Prices listed below are for standard full 2" square/round tubing hybrid weld-on style sliders.
    Complete 2" round tube, or complete 2x2" square tube sliders are available as well, you just have to specify this when ordering. *extra materials fee may apply
    **All sliders ship bare metal**


    61" Regular Cab Tacoma and FJ Cruiser sliders:
    Basic hybrid style- $275
    Basic w/ added kick out- $305

    79" sliders for '05+ Tacoma Access cab, '96-'04 extended cab, and '01-'11 Double cab short bed's:
    Basic hybrid style- $300
    Basic w/ added kick out- $330

    90" sliders for 05+ Double cab long bed's:
    Basic hybrid style- $360
    Basic w/ added kick out- $390

    I can make any slider a Bolt-on version for only +$65 to listed prices. A complete set of 1/2" Grade-8 hardware is included with these sliders! All you need to do to install them is paint them, drill mounting holes, and bolt them on!

    **For those that asked, after getting a few quotes for DOM tubing, it looks like full round tube DOM sliders will be roughly +$125 more for the 80" DCSB/Access cab sliders and a little more and less for the DCLB and reg cab sliders. If you want hybrids and I use square HREW for the inner parts and do just the outer round rail/brace tubes out of DOM it will be roughly +$60-70 more a set for the DCSB/Access cab sliders.

    Here are some sample pictures, and more to come. I can do certain things in any way desired, such as angling the small bracing tubes between the rails toward the back, making the sliders stick out farther or in closer to the truck, or increasing/decreasing the distance between the inner and outer rails, etc.

    (Note the gussets/frame plates are not in the first pic but are included!)

    2" round/2"x2" square hybrid sliders:

    DCSB Bolt on standard full round.

    Frame mounting plates and gussets:

    Customer Pics:
    Lrgrnr's hybrid weld-on sliders:

    Sierrahsky's hybrid weld on's

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