Setting up Gears by ZUK

Discussion in 'Mechanical' started by SamSter0077, May 23, 2011.

  1. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    What gear ratio did you put in it?
  2. Texoma

    Texoma IG: cwehlin

    4.56 with a Detroit tru trac in the rear, would have liked one up front as well, but they don't have one.
  3. Mauzer

    Mauzer Pitter Patter. Lets Get at Er

    I still have a 1st gen Taco axle in my garage (housing only) for if I ever need to make the swap. I've been happy with my rear elocker, hasn't failed me on a single grocery trip yet! :chuck:
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  4. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    I had 4.88's and a TrueTrac in my 85 4Runner. I was impressed with the TrueTrac, it "acted" like a locker 95% of the time off-road.
  5. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter You ever try to roughie a bear? Staff Member

    Mine has worked great for the Ozark and BBRSP trip. My biggest issue is I need to wire up a locked/unlocked indicator for it.
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  6. Texoma

    Texoma IG: cwehlin

    I've got a steep driveway and it was damp last night for the test run, trutrac kicked in and surprised the shit outa me. I would've gotten am ARB locker, but since I'm on road 99.9% of the time and I have a winch it just made more sense.
  7. SamSter0077

    SamSter0077 Frack me..

    Doubtful I will get new tires before that day.

    08 328i stick.. last of the naturally aspirated straight 6s. 6k... too good to pass up.
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  8. TacoXpo

    TacoXpo Freedom

    That was my thought last year when I picked up a 10 Msport 528. I don't need boost problems on a Bimmer.
  9. SamSter0077

    SamSter0077 Frack me..

    Msport awesomeness. The naturally aspirated straight six is a great engine.. sure it Leaks oil, And needs a lot of love.. but nothing drives like them.
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