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    Difference when looters try and get through tempered monolithic glass and annealed laminated glass

    this is the courthouse for Virginia that was raided recently

    I suspect someone had previously broken out the second doors glass and the replacement company cut annealed lami to fit onsite to replace it. if all 4 were lami I'd doubtful they would of been broken out so that fireworks could be shot into the building and whatever else happened.

    lami can take a beating and still keep ticking

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  3. Silverback

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    Guy is spot on!!

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    Apparently youtube disagrees lol

    On another note seems like everyone is out and about being retarded here. Our accountant was out for two days with a fever after her kids had fevers last week. She decided to come into the office yesterday breaking every single protocol the boss put out. Now since she's a retard I can't go to my financial clients jobsite for 14 days nor can anyone else who had contact with her - I mean we could go but then we would be commiting fraud when we sign the daily questionere about covid and contact with sick people. I'm not falsifying any documents.

    Also got a call last night from our other PM that his son was exposed so him and his family are getting tested today.

    All these people are people who refuse to wear masks and are now losing their shit. Or you could say complete hypocrites.

    My 6 guys that got tested last Thursday morning still have no results back so every night I go to bed expecting a call that could potentially put our entire company on the sidelines for two weeks.

    I really wish people just had some common sense and did what they could to protect themselves and others. Especially the hypocrites that bump out their chest in defiance refusing to do anything then cry like little girls when they find out they had contact with person who has it. I don't wish this on anyone but I hope some life lessons are learned.

    Still to this day you will find no one in our warehouse masked up so when you buy Coivd guards from us - lord knows our installers have not been following any guidelines except for when they are in front of customers.
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    We had 4 people in our office test positive recently. One of them was asymptomatic, so they sent everyone home that has the ability to work from home. I was back in the office for approximately 1 month.

    Fine by me, I like not driving to the office and getting to sleep in every day. I show no symptoms and hope that I do not have it as we have 3 little ones in the house.
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    My money is on shut down #2 coming sooner than later and Ill be blaming all the idiots who are running around not wearing masks or taking this seriously because it "infringes on their rights" or some other bullshit. Left or right or middle - IDK Ill flame them all equally.

    Good idea to let the health and economy tank because you won't wear a fucking mask ~ The entitlement is simply amazing.

    Thank god WWII and WWI happened when they did - if they happened now we would lose because we have no concern for our fellow citizens and no idea how to take one for the team. In my opinion based on what Ive seen and experienced it's all "ME ME ME" not "US"
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    He is a black guy and he was going off on BLM. About them not saying a damn thing about 8 black kids being shot in the past 2 months by other black people, yet Tyler Perry pays for one of the dude that was shot in Atlanta's funeral. How BLM raised millions for George Floyds family but not a dime for the mother who's daughter was shot in the back.

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    BLM is founded by Marxists so they can all jump off a cliff IMHO.

    Want to support the black community then do so for your local community. No need to prop up national organizations that are borderline terrorists.

    When history looks back I'm thinking the founders of BLM will be in the same boat as David Duke
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    8 days since my guys got tested and still no results.

    WTF are these morons doing? I know the lab my financial client used is a high end lab. They do not bargain shop. Watched the owner take off from the parking lot today in his $10 million + Sikorsky on his way to his whatever million dollar private jet
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    had me chuckle

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    It's taking 3-6 days to get back results here which is pointless because by the time you get them back you probably should get tested again unless you holed up the entire time.
  12. Taco Loco

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    I have a cousin who just tested positive, she was part of the staff/counselor for church camps, which is now closed until further notice.
  13. tx_shooter

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    My sammich maker got tested and had results back in 3 hours last Wednesday. It all depends on where/ who orders the test on how fast they can get the results.
  14. TacoXpo


    I have a friend that stood in line for a test. Filled out a form and gave email. Left because line was too long. Next week she recieved an email saying she tested positive.

    We really do need a thinning of the herd. If I leave this world by COVID (or in an accident in my happy place) know that I did my part.
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  15. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    If you leave the world you will be missed. Not just by your dog. Stay safe man.
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  16. TacoXpo


    You are kind. Something tells me I won't be granted parole anytime soon but you never know.
  17. Oswego

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    Still no results for my guys. Quest Labs can suck it from behind. Now they are officially 8 days late from when they told us we would have results. Test taken at 7:30am on 7/2/20......still NADA

    Our other PM has a son that is in his teens (great kid) and does charity work for kids with terminal illnesses. Turns out one of them has Covid so my coworker was out of work last week pending his sons test results. He had his back within an hr. and luckily the son is fine for now and found out Friday so my weekend was good. If he tested positive I'd be quarantined @ home rt now. They have to go back end of this week for another test just in case.

    Feels similar to motorcycle ownership in that, it's not if you will go down/catch it, but when.
  18. tx_shooter

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    Seems to be a perfect analogy. Lots of riders go down but lots of them also get back up. This covid stuff has a less than 1% mortality rate and the vast majority of people who are testing positive would have never known they had it without the test. This is probably going to save a lot of small/rural hospitals for another year until they can find another high traffic generator.
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    Shouldn't be hard when we have a country and a culture that put's fast food restaurants on the essential list as they close down gyms. Or close down police precincts allowing anarchy at the same time they close down gun stores. We are about as backasswards as a "1st world" country could be.

    Still to this day Ive not heard any politician jump on a "lets get healthy" type campaign so if/when you do come into contact with the virus you have abetter chance of beating it. Last Friday for the first time I heard the WHO was stating that smokers are at increased risk. Really? After 7+ months that's what we are told? No shit Sherlock....common sense would tell everyone that.

    Should of instituted a national "workout while working from home" or something. Make sure you get enough sleep, take your vitamins, etc. Instead they just sell fear and divisiveness so you are worse off when you come into contact with it.
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    Another employee bites the Covid dust. Her kids had a fever last week and she was out of work Monday and Tuesday with the same Fever. She came into work breaking every protocol we have for the rest of the week and guess who's going home today early for not feeling well? Same chick. Guess what else....she tells me her daughters friend who also had a fever last week has tested positive and now her whole family needs to be tested. I said - what about all the coworkers you had contact with all of last week and this week? I just shrug.... again same morons who refuse to wear a mask in the office and think they are bullet proof are scarred and visibly shaking while talking with a cracked voice.

    if this was my company I'd fire them all. You want a pay check - follow the rules. if not - have a nice life. Some of us are here to work safety to make a living.

    I'm not all that worried - I stayed far away from her and follow proper PPE requirements. Still doesn't mean Im 100% safe, but better than most from what Im seeing

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