UCAs and Caster Angle

Discussion in 'Mechanical' started by TacoXpo, Jul 27, 2010.

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    I have some All Pro UCAs - 1.25" and I have never been able to dial in the caster any better than about 4.7 with the cams all the way. The ecentrics are peged trying to get the caster below 4.7!

    So I am thinking I need to TOFT and buying some Camburgs. The one truck there was set at 3 degrees caster and the ecentrics are centered - That's what I want to see!

    Now I remember why I went to All Pro. I live in the same town as Camburg and I've been in a couple of times and I just felt better when I talked and worked with Jon and Sarah at All Pro. They are far more mature and less bro-ish. Meaning you can have a discussion with them without their veins bulging out of their necks!!! ;) Don't get me wrong - this guy is probably a good guy - but not a guy that I'd have to invite to my next party!!!

    I tried to explain to the guy what I had and I swear I felt like I was being accosted by the bro - and I do mean bro! ;) I was told how bad All Pro is and how they stole their design and that they are suing All Pro. He went on and on and on about how bad All Pro and Total Chaos are! - I was starting to have the head ache that I now have - and I don't get headaches that I know of! :confused:

    He went on to say how great he is and how he's done Rubicon in a 2 wheel drive and how the 4 wheel drives were getting stuck. And then how he kicked ass in Baja while passing 'those 4 wheel drives with their little tires!'

    This is about the time I need to send in my agent! Someone that can listen to the hype and get in and out with the parts!

    Wow! I am exhausted. I just had to take a brake. I'm pretty certain I will buy a set of their UCAs (1.25 uniball) but not because of the guy (that must have felt I was challenging him in some way).

    Anyone have any opinions of Camburgs one way or the other?
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    AlienXtx Nignog

    Thats what i'm going with when i gotbthe $ saved up, im thinking about getting there coilovers too.

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