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Discussion in 'Evaluations and Experiences' started by drew02a, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

  2. TacoXpo

    TacoXpo TLA

    Good call - I'll be back!
  3. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Fuck Off!

    Avid, I've abused my slider and mowed down a group of hoggs with the light bar and that are still like new.

    Marathon seat covers are good people too, great customer service.
  4. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

    Quality product is one thing, but that's what should be expected from EVERY vendor. The hall of fame is for those who repeatedly go above and beyond what would be considered normal business practices.

    I have a bunch of stuff to dig up and some to write about each of these vendors
  5. AlienXtx

    AlienXtx Fuck Off!

    Well Branding at avid did work with me and built custom slider for me with a kick out and hooked me up on shipping.
  6. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

    That's the stuff we want to hear! I'll add them later. Now, I have some real work I need to do instead of moderating this forum, lol
  7. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, go fuck off

    Down South motorsports has to qualify. Very helpful when I was deciding on what shocks to run the first time around. They told me that the Billy 5100's where a bad choice with the Dakars due to the length. Even though they didn't sell OME they recommended them. I also bought my extra Eibach coils from them.. and again they where very helpful in helping me determine the best solution for my application. When I finally put new shocks on Clyde they will be purchased through them.
  8. yotarob

    yotarob Kiss My IFS

    Not sure if you want to add this or not, I'm thining not but...... I had an issue with my Voolant intake and called customer service to buy some replacement parts. He told me what he though the problem might be and said that he would send me the part for free. He told me to try it and if it still acted up that he would send me a whole new intake kit. I was impressed since I bought the kit used and had no warranty on it.
  9. Anathollo

    Anathollo Armorall is my choice of lube Staff Member

    Now that's pretty good service rob! That should be added.
  10. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

    They've been super helpful every time I call too. I just have to find that post about the revalve that's on this forum somewhere
  11. taco4x4rar

    taco4x4rar Well-Known Member

    Partsmike was extremely helpfully in assembling my Dana 44. A+ customer service at a reasonable cost.
  12. SecretSquirrel

    SecretSquirrel Whale Oil Beef Hooked Staff Member

    From another forum post:

  13. TacoXpo

    TacoXpo TLA

    East Coast Gear
    This guy has got to be the top of my list. Responds to any of my crys for help. Many texts after midnite his time. Sunday phone calls - I hate that he did it in one way but loved the support (not to be confused with butt love). From what he tells me, I was the only guy that he has ever had to replace a r&p under his 5 Year Warranty. I told him I may have had some of the responsibility - he had none of it and was far more interested in getting me back on the trail than fiddle effing with placing blame. I have plenty of resources that I could go to locally but this guy has my highest respect. Now if we could just get him, Bud and some of you guys out to Moab, we'd have a great wheeling trip! :) Guys like him help me to keep this crack habit! :)
  14. murphyz

    murphyz yeah I'm an Asshole, an American Asshole bought my harness and they walked me through the steps they needed. mailed everything off quickly. military discount. ordered and shipped next day, all parts good shape. called back to recieve a mil discount. it was applied and even got a follow up call to ask if everything was to my liking.

    volant intake after calling to tell them that my truck was throwing a po101 code, they said ok, sent me a WHOLE new intake system, told me to send back the old kit. here is the kicker, they sent me a reusable dry 1 million mile filter for free for my inconvenience.
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  15. Oswego

    Oswego n00b

    DSMS for sure. Marco and Sunny went above and beyond the typical customer service one gets for me and from what I hear that is their standard.

    Kevin at ATO as well. I purchased a full set of skid plates, some bed bars, and some Hi lift mounts. He drove them as well as a skid for Scott (TW), and Larry's items a couple hundred miles to deliver them to us at a meet. He also put a coat of paint on some of my stuff so it wouldn't rust when it is all sold bare.
  16. jdmcq

    jdmcq Will pay to see Cmack get tased

    Stubbs welding. Not only do they make a great product, but Richard Stubbs spent about an hour on the phone with me going over design stuff and even tips on welding with my specific MIG unit. He then apologized for taking 2 days to make my sliders and get them shipped.
  17. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, go fuck off

    Jezzus.. Shrockworks took 11 weeks to get me mine. It might have been even longer, I've slept since then. But I didn't get an apology, just an invoice. Granted they are an awesome piece of work... 11 weeks does seem a bit excessive. Stubbs sounds awesome.
  18. jdmcq

    jdmcq Will pay to see Cmack get tased

    Cheap too, I think 380(?) shipped from West Coast to East. They are HREW, but plenty strong for me.
  19. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, go fuck off

    I have HREW on Clyde and they are great.. a good quality HREW is better than a cheap DOM (like the shit AllPoo uses) :) But thats a good deal.
  20. BirdTRD

    BirdTRD beLIEve

    I'd like to nominate

    I don't personally care at all for toytec so I've bought some items from wheelers even though they were more expensive. I told them this and they expressed sincere thanks. He even lowered my price to beat toytec. They ship fast and will gladly spend time on the phone with you answering questions and discussing options.

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