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Discussion in 'Mechanical' started by H0LLYW00D, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. TacoXpo

    TacoXpo TEXpo™ '20

    This to my wheels would be nice!!! Hell, to anyones wheels!!!

  2. taco4x4rar

    taco4x4rar Well-Known Member

    Those are badass, wonder what the cost is for OMF to machine down and tig on a ring.
  3. TacoXpo

    TacoXpo TEXpo™ '20

    looks like 250 Oh my! I'm going to call and find out.
  4. drew02a

    drew02a Moderator Staff Member

  5. TacoXpo

    TacoXpo TEXpo™ '20

    At that price, I might be able to justify Walker Evans or some Huh, huh, huh, Hutchensons!!! :)
  6. H0LLYW00D

    H0LLYW00D Active Member

    Its not so much of how they will look on the truck, its making sure they are upto the task of actual wheelin and not "Offroad" mall crawler rims.

    Just to recap for everyone that has join my listing method for this project.

    Rim Options:

    1. Fuel Offroad Octane Black
    2. Koing Countersteer Type X Black
    3. Mickey Thompson Sidebiters Black

    Rim / Tire Size Options:

    1. 16" rim with 265 / 75 / 16
    2. 17" rim with 285 / 70 / 17

    I want to run the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial tires

    Hoping to get rims and tires ordered with the lift in the next few weeks, and have them on before Christmas.
  7. TacoXpo

    TacoXpo TEXpo™ '20

    Well, by your wheel choice, it looks like you will not be wheeling much - I know I may be harsh. In that case the countersteers certainly look good but that is my limited opinion. I still think a 4wd truck needs something with a thicker lip.
  8. H0LLYW00D

    H0LLYW00D Active Member

    What rims would you recommend. I'm open to suggestions. I'm new to This world of wheelin.
  9. TacoXpo

    TacoXpo TEXpo™ '20

    Like I said, I am sorry if I sound a little harsh... I just think it's a shame when we have to buy 2 or more sets of wheels before we learn some of our lessons. Of all the wheels mentioned here, I personally think Sean's KMCs are a great value! On those wheels, the area that I would call the "rub rim" ;) is the thickest.

    The countersteers (which look great) has the thinest area/steel wheel type lip - (I have bought 8 of these guys already and know how fragile they can be! If they had a flat surface of about 1 inch on the lip - these things would be great. But they don't and they tend to get torn up when they rub up against rocks. The side biters have a decent thickness there but I would think that the alternating height may cause some premature rash. The octane is a bit thiner than I would want.

    Your aesthetic tastes are important too. I wouldn't want to wear an ugly wheel myself.

    Also, I know Sean and I may work our trucks a bit more than the average guy but I have seen many guys that go wheeling once and tear up a wheel on their first ride.

    One other point. I personally think that finding a finish that you will be able to touch up with a rattle can is an good thing too. A nice powder coated wheel looks like shit if you can't touch up some occasional rash.

    Hope that helps!
  10. TacoXpo

    TacoXpo TEXpo™ '20

    Oh, one other point. If you are going to use your TPMS, you will want something where the tire stem is back a bit or at a 90 to the wheel's dish... they break off easy when rubbing up against a rock - and yes, I have broken them too! :(

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