October 6-9 Arkansas hunt for the toothbrush inventor

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  1. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    ONE SPOT OPEN AT THIS TIME - tx_shooter
    Lets just get this started out.

    Some questions some may ask.

    1: Like who's going? Can I stand these people that are going? Am I a special enough snowflake to join them? Come find out princess. Limiting this to 10 rigs
    Here is a list, if you want to go.. post up bitch and I'll add you.
    ---EDIT... 10 is the maximum number of rigs allowed... Thanks for playing---
    1: @Silverback
    2: @tx_shooter
    3: @tex
    4: @balakay
    5: @Taco Loco a maybe at this moment
    7: @CowboyTaco
    9: @bakerla

    2: Where are we going? Really.. is it just Arkasas.. seems kinda vaugue.. anyone know the last known location of the inventor of the toothbrush? Can I use Google and cheat?
    a: Following the yellow brick road. Oh so close.. but no.
    b: Arkansas (duh!)
    c: High Water Mark trail in the Ozark National Forest... Maybe some side shoots depending on time/weather/miles covered/if nothing is broken.

    The answer is b & c sweetie.. but as of now the plan is this.
    We are planning to meet up on Thursday afternoon at Long Pool Recreation Area and setup camp for the night. On Friday we will then be heading to Richland Creek Recreation Area to start the journey. How far we make it each day is TBD, depends on the group and what we run into.

    3: Are we camping or staying at cute little bed and breakfasts? If you asked this question you are probably already upset Trump won and will not enjoy this trip. There will most likely be cussing twice daily. Short answer.. camping. Your version may vary from the next guy, but plan on camping. So bring whatever that means to you. A hammock and sleeping bag or a 6 man tent complete with hot and cold running water. Bring your OWN shitter and shit shovel.

    4: What should my rig have?
    I'm going to edit this a bit and change this from a "what should I have" but more of a "What is required for me to join you on your quest to locate a toothbrush".. which reminds me.. you know it was an Englishman who invented it otherwise it would be called a Teethbrush. Anyhow, back to REQUIREMENTS.
    A: Functional 4WD.. pretty obvious right? You'd think so but some tards think their pre-runners with a locker will go anywhere a 4WD will... anyhow. You want to do it in a 2WD pre-runner... thats fine.. have fun. We'll drive around you when you get stuck... so please be kind and get stuck off to the side of the trail. So 4WD it is.

    B: Taller tires ... minimum of a 32" MT or aggressive AT. If your MT's have 60K miles on them and look like drag radials... those don't count as a MT. And have a spare tire that is similar in size... come on.. get rid of the OEM spare. Don't be a trail tampon because you can't get traction.

    C: At least ONE Locker.. no open/open rigs... LSD is up to you if you think it can do it. again.. don't be a trail tampon.

    D: SAFE Front & Rear recovery points... factory hook in front is fine... that damage multiplier brush guard is not a viable recovery point.

    E: Recovery gear.. you know like a HiLift with places on your rig to use it, some good straps (recovery and tree protector)... leave the VatoZone towstrap with the built in hooks at home.. you can kill someone else with it at another date... not this trip. D-rings.. good ones rated for your vehicle, a winch would be nice to have but there will be a few on the trip.. but if you are thinking about buying one before the trip.. pony up and do so. Oh and if you have a winch.. give it a once over... pull all the line out.. spool it back in.. ensure it works as advertised. No sense finding out it is not functioning when you need it. Someone knows who I am talking about. :bentover::D

    F: Fire extinguisher/First aid kit.. keep them easily accessible.

    G: CB or 2M radio.. some way to communicate with the group. Even if its to say "Hang on guys... I gotta go poop".. at least we know why you stopped and ran into the woods holding your ass.

    H: But really bring a brain that knows how to use the above. Look your gear over before we head out.

    We will not be purposefully going out there to hammer on rocks or bury a rig in the mud but you know.. shit happens so plan accordingly. If you are really fond of that new car smell maybe you need some Weathertech floormats.. or maybe you are really fond of those nice straight rocker panels so you might want sliders... or maybe you are really fond of that perfectly working front diff... you might want some skids. You see what I'm saying right. If not, maybe you don't need to join us.

    5:Should I bring spare parts and if so, what?
    Depends on your rig. If you own a 2nd gen Tacoma bring a spare unit bearing or three. If you are rocking a Land Rover I suggest stuffing as many spare parts as you can.. possibly even pulling a trailer full.

    6: Is family allowed or encourages to join?
    Of course! Hell bring your side piece.. what happens on TOR trips stays on TOR trips. :)
    I'm bringing the wife at this point, but its 9 months away so who knows what will happen between then and now. But yes, bring your loved, even if it was just last night, ones.
    Note: If you bring a stripper we expect lap dances... just saying. Your call.

    7: Is this trip alcohol friendly?
    What TOR trip isn't? Are you new here.. look around. I personally plan for a case of ber per day simply because my wife does not drink beer. She will most likely take up space in my ARB fridge for a single bottle of wine. Hey someone has to be responsible... am I right?

    8: Anything else?
    probably.. this is a draft so expect edits... see there has already been a few edits. Nailed it!

    9: This seems kinda boring.. can I get some videos or links to help get me motivated?
    Sure snowflake.. let me Google that shit for you! Need me to cut the crust off your bread as well? Fucking millennials.

    And just because I don't want to hear you whining about whatever you most likely will bitch about next, and you know how I hate to see you cry and protest, here are some links to other sites with trip reports. Now go read and let me get back to starting my day, its almost 8AM on a Wednesday and I haven't had a beer yet!
    ozark overland trail AR
    Ozarka Overland Trail/High Water Mark Trail in Arkansas Ozark National Forest - Toyota FJ Cruiser Forum
    High Water Mark Trail, Ozark National Forest

    Look!! A Google Map!! High Water Mark

    A place to download (for FREE ya cheap fucks) Topo maps and save as PDF or GeoTiff.
    USDA Forest Service FSGeodata Clearinghouse - FSTopo Map Products

    EDIT!! I will not be deleting the routes below but they appear to NOT be the same trail as the map above. We are planning to follow the map.

    Route provided via @balakay
    Look at this shit right here.. the man not only provides one route but he provides two!!! 2 atta-boys for @MatthewMay1 I did not say alterboys! I don't know... maybe he is in seminary school? But that is not allowed.

    Ozark Overland Trail West route... a possibility. Little more technical and nobody has done it or scouting it from this group... sounds perfect to me!!
    Dropbox - Ozark Overland Trail west.kml

    Dropbox - Ozark Overland Trail west.gpx

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  2. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter You ever try to roughie a bear? Staff Member

    I have it on my home calendar. I'm in.
  3. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    I will inform my sandwich maker tonight that I am going on this.
  4. balakay

    balakay She ain't fat, bruh... She just a lil' thick.

    I'm in. Going to post vacation at work tomorrow.

    Also the rig guidelines you posted are spot on. We had one or two guys without a locker last time and we had to winch them up a muddy hill. I'll try to pull the route we took last time off my tablet in a bit and see if I can get it posted up here.
  5. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter You ever try to roughie a bear? Staff Member

    What startup location are we looking at? @tex do we want to cut/paste the previous trip start/stop locations?
  6. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    I will save yall the trouble of getting on TW and pull some of the data from there. I think have the trail downloaded on my phone in the offline folder.
  7. Taco Loco

    Taco Loco Tired and Lazy, married to ‘The Laundry Fairy’

    Maybe for me.

    I'm only guaranteed employment until about 1st week in September, DoD budget has been hacked quite a bit, we have 25% reduction in effect and not real sure until April 28th and see what happens when a real budget is supposed to be passed by the new Administration and how the DoD will be funded.

    If unemployed hell yeah, I'm going, currently I'm trying to find another yob to transfer too and/or hope to be picked up perm where I'am currently at.
  8. balakay

    balakay She ain't fat, bruh... She just a lil' thick.

    I lied. I lost all my trip data somehow. It's showing the save file but when I open it, it says there are 0 saved tracks and 0 saved waypoints. I don't know what happened.
  9. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    Doh! Well if anyone has the trip saved somewhere let me know, I'll update the first post.
  10. balakay

    balakay She ain't fat, bruh... She just a lil' thick.

    Here's a file I have from when the trip was planned the first time. We didn't do all of this route and did some that's not on it but it is a general idea. Requires Google Earth.

    Dropbox - HWM122.kml
  11. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    So the little one is totally on board with going and the wife is also interested. Guess I need to plan for more camp gear. :)
  12. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    Did yall get the file I texted yall?
  13. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    No text yet.
  14. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter You ever try to roughie a bear? Staff Member

    I got it; have not had a chance to check it yet.
  15. balakay

    balakay She ain't fat, bruh... She just a lil' thick.

    Just got it
  16. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    Just got it
  17. TacoXpo


    I can not promise anything right now but if I have a good year, I may have to join the crowd. Let's find that guy and his tooth! :)
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  18. tx_shooter

    tx_shooter You ever try to roughie a bear? Staff Member

    We still have 10 months for some flaking and some new guys to join in.
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  19. Silverback

    Silverback I'm not always a dick. Just kidding, fuck off.

    Roger if the spousal unit bows out you always have a seat with me. And hell if I move the fridge to the rear you defiantly have a seat.
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  20. tex

    tex That's Mr Asshole to you

    Update the first post to say the High Water Mark trail in the Ozark National Forest.
    Your wordsmithing in the first post is priceless.

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